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About company

The Rokonord company provides terminal services based on it's own multifunctional container terminals located near the sea port of St. Petersburg. The company has a wide experience in transportation of cargo worldwide, as well as forwarding and customs clearance.

"Rokonord Ltd." was established in 2002, at first offering services on repair of containers. 

Nowadays «Rokonord Ltd.» has:

- open storage depots capacity 5000 TEUS;

- Railroad warehouse with a total area of 500 sq. m. for unloading cargoes by railway and by truck deliveries;

- Loading rack carrying capacity 110 tons for loading / unloading of rolling stock heavy, oversized, self / non-self propelled equipment.

- Loading is done from Ligovo railway station

- Dispatch and intake of carriages and containers by railway,   perform loading and unloading by railway crane, loading on platforms of wheel equipment, performance of shunting operations with a rolling stock.


Rokonord Container Terminal provides a full complex of terminal and storage services:
-Storage of all types of containers
-Container lease
-Diesel generator lease (Gen Set)
- Repair of all types of containers (tank-containers, refrigerator containers)
-The certified welding of a flask the tank containers (all types of works are carried out under the supervision of the "Russian Sea Register of Navigation")
-Implementation of the selection and supply of equipment
- Engineering supervision of orders for manufacturing plants
- Diagnostics and repair of refrigeration units, case repair
-Manufacturing of an open container (the OPEN Top)
-Cleaning, laundering of containers
-Storage of cargos in containers with temperature regime upkeep
-Open and closed cargo storage
-Cargo re-packaging
-All types of cargo handling activities

-Periodical certification of all types of containers
(On the terminal has been opened the laboratory for the preparation of the periodic inspection of containers)
-Customs clearance
-Logistics services

Cargo transportation services:
-by road
-by railway
-by water transport and mixed logistics
-development of the most efficient logistics schemes for cargo tramsportation
Hazardous cargos:
-Intake / dispatch of cargos by railway
- Road transport (development, coordination of necessary paperwork)
- Transport by sea
Outsized cargos:
All types of cargo handling
Intake / dispatch by railway
Drafting and alignmemt of all necessary technical documentation

Addresses and phone numbers can be found in the "Contacts"

For service of Customers and high-quality rendering services "Rokonord Ltd." has:
- loader with capacity 45-tonnes 
-16-tonnes container pilers
-1.5, 1.8, 2.0 and 10-tonnes autoloaders
-other kinds of special equipment for such services as repairs of tank-containers, dry containers and refrigerator containers (check valves, spare parts, PTI, major
repair of compressors and other refrigeration equipment)
-equipment for laundering, modernization and dyeing of containers
-laboratory for preparation of tank-containers for periodical certification

"Rokonord Ltd." has modern unique technical repair base, only in the Northwest region, certified by the "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping", enabling repairs of any complexity containers of all types, as well as preparations for the periodical inspections.   
  The structure consists of two modern workshopsequipped with technical means for performance of the above tasks, including the unique welding machines for performance of the high-precision welding works, certified stands for checking safety valves any pressure, devices of ultrasonic control of welded connections and metal thickness.

          "Rokonord Ltd." has designed the first and single in Russia training sample of tank-containerintended for staff  trainings and seminars, the subject of which is maintenance, repair and supervision of tank-containers.

The staff of Ltd. "RokoNord" consists of highly qualified specialists. Experience and professtional skills of which allows to perform diverse tasks of customers  such as technical modernization  of transport equipment, various devices, engineering and technical supervision of the execution of orders on company-producers anywhere in the world, and the planning of transport schemes and organization of cargo storage, calculation of customs duties, consolidation of shipments and much more.