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Delivery of fuel components


01.06.11  at the Sea Port of St  Petersburg work began on loading special containers with rocket propellant components on board of the ship «Colibri» as part of a joint  Russian-French project «Soyuz-GSC».

Cargo was loaded on special vessel "Colibri", which belongs to Ariana Space company. This shipment was carried our by the order of FGUP "TsENKI" (Center of Exploitation of Ground Space Infrastructure).

Altogether to the Guiana Space Centre were moved 600 tones of cargo, including 21 special containers withblocks of LV "Soyuz" and "Fregat" upper stage.

 About «Soyuz at Guiana Space Centre» program:

 The aim of the program is to strengthen the collaboration between Russia and France. The structure of the program is as following: - Federal Space Agency is in charge of «Soyuz-GSC» program on behalf of the Russian Federation and coordinates contacts with enterprises and organizations of space-rocket industry – European Space Agency is the customer and director of the program and provides the «Soyuz» launching complex to be operated by «Arianespace» - French Space Agency is the prime contractor on the project and system architect of «Soyuz» launching complex - «Arianespace» is in charge of deliveries of Russian equipment to the Guiana Space Centre, coordination and ensuring of Russian operations during the stage of framing and is an operator of launching services of Rocket Carrier «Soyuz-ST» on the operational stage.