Repairing and maintenance works

Repairing of  tank containers

  •     Tankpressure/ steambox test
  •     Testing, control, repair and valve tests
  •     Manlid gaskets renew 
  •     Wallthickness check
  •     Ultrasonic control of welding traces
  •     Tank repair
  •     Frame repair
  •     Isolation repair
  •     Decal and plates renew
  •     Tankpressure/ steambox test 
  •     Sale of spare parts for the tank containers and delivery of the accompanying equipment


PTI and repairs of Reefer containers

  • PTI and repairs of Reefer containers (including compressor )
  • Repairs and restoration of compressors, including the restoration of crankshafts;
  • Cladding and vessel repair;
  • Full  and partial cladding repaint;
  • Field repairs in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region;
  • Field repairs in other regions of Russia is available upon individual agreement;
  • Everyday maintenance of Reefer containers on a permanent basis;
  • Pre Trip Inspection.


Heat insulation of containers

  •  Heat insulation of containers
  • Rebuilding of Dry containers into a mobile ofice


Repairs of diesel-generator sets

  •  We carry out repairs of all types of diesel-generator sets